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TMASS Technology Co. Ltd was established in April 2018. It is the first Macau-based company that applies mass spectrometry (MS) to qualitative and quantitative analyses of protein molecules, especially those are associated with human health and diseases. TMASS offers one-stop solutions for protein analysis, biomarker assay kits, protein sequencing and PTM analysis services as well as consultancy services in protein/proteome analysis. Based on our patent pending inventions, we provide flexible and cost-effective products and services of high specificity and accuracy.

Experience the Difference

Proteins are encoded by genes (DNA codes). While there are about 20 thousand genes in human body, 

there are over 6 million protein species. Proteins provide important biomedical information one cannot obtain through DNA analysis.

TMASS team can analyze any proteins in blood, body tissue, drug, food, microorganism, etc. 

One-Stop Solutions for Your Proteins

Have you ever wanted to measure a protein, 

but could not find a commercial kit?

Have you ever tried to develop a protein quantification method, 

but drove you crazy?

Have you ever tried to analyze sequence and PTMs of a protein, 

but could not get 100% coverage?

Here we provide one-stop solutions and consultation service for your protein work.

Proteins are encoded by genes (DNA codes), providing important information complementary to genes.

TMASS Proprietary Technologies

Seven Patent Pending Protein Analysis Technologies

What are our patent pending technologies?

MCS Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

 No need for antibody, stable isotope or any tags

  • 2 core invention patents
  • 1 applied invention patent

Measuring Disease Glycoprotein Variants

 No need for antibody, stable isotope or any tags

  • 2 core invention patents
  • 1 applied invention patent

Peptide Mapping & PTM Analysis

 Rapid, sensitive and 100% sequence coverage

  • 1 core invention patent

Our Products and Services

Customized Protein Assays

Providing a one-stop solution for measuring any protein of interest from assay design, reagent preparation, quantification, technical training to consultation.

Protein Assay Kits

Ready to use assay kits for measuring protein markers having clinical values.

Reagent Kits & Services

Assessing correctness of the amino acid sequence and PTMs of your protein.

100% Coverage!

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